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The Policonsorzio takes advantage of its extensive experience in road transport and can offer attentive, complete and flexible service to domestic and European destinations.
The consortium structure, thanks to the experience of its members, has extensive knowledge of the strategies involved in transporting goods by road, and the use of a large fleet of vehicles.
The consortium is very conscious of environmental issues and for this reason prefers low-pollution vehicles, equipped with engines compliant with EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 regulations, in addition to vehicles that run on natural gas, used in urban distribution.

The consortiumÕs fleet is made up of more than 500 vehicles divided into the various types listed below:

City trucks

payload: 700Kg
volume: 6 m³
floor length: mt 2.50

Medium wheelbase trucks

payload: 1400Kg
volume: 10 m³
floor length: mt 3.20

Long wheelbase trucks

payload: 1400Kg
volume: 12 m³
floor length: mt 3.70

Box trucks

payload: 1100Kg
volume: 20 m³
floor length: mt 4.25

Dropside trucks with tail lift

payload: 800Kg
volume: 20 m³
floor length: mt 4.25

Semi trailers

payload: from 25 to 70 Q
volume: from 14 to 20 pallets Epal
floor length: from 5.50 to 8.00 mt
capacity of loading platform: up to 1500Kg

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