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The Policonsorzio was established in 2009 in Tuscany by a number of cooperatives working in the goods handling and transport sector, and operating in the same territory, with the intention of offering a range of services to existing customers and newly acquired ones.
From its inception to today, new service provision contracts have been signed with leading companies operating in the transport and logistics sector, leading more companies to join the consortium and expand its presence in areas outside the region.
Currently Policonsorzio has companies throughout Italy, from north to south, while maintaining its base in Tuscany. The head office is located in Pistoia.
We are constantly expanding, and to date, we have 7 member companies working as subcontractors for transport, moving, porterage and industrial cleaning.
While remaining the benchmark for our customers, Policonsorzio uses the supervisory staff from the consortiumÕs cooperatives, promoting their training in order to ensure reliability and efficiency in providing services.
To guarantee maximum safety for your transport, all of our vehicles are equipped with modern satellite tracking tools, which allow for constant monitoring of shipments.

A recent renovation at our main offices have enabled us to move into a single new structure located in Pistoia. This is also the administrative section.

Corporate structure of the Policonsorzio

President C.d.a

Enrico Zivieri

Simone Franchi

Manager of Transportation
Giuliano Panio

Administrative office
Monia Gori

Human resources office
Dr. Milena Perez

Office IT System
Dr. Niccolò Piccioli

Office Transport
Massimiliano Raso

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